ICE Frequently Asked Questions

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The location of ICE tanning will be posted on each event page. The Friday night tanning location will be posted. Tanning on Saturday (show day) will ALWAYS be backstage at the show/venue.

ICE uses all Pro Tan products for tanning, bikini bite and glaze.

The $175 tanning package includes your first coats of tan, day of show coats of tan (as needed, varies by individual) unlimited touch ups backstage, bikini bite and show shine glaze.

Everyone’s skin is different, therefore some athletes will only need one coat of tan the night before, and others may require two.

The tan we spray you with the night before is a light base coat; this is NOT the color you will have on stage.

Note: The solution we use the night before takes 6-8 hours to FULLY develop.

The tanning solution we use the day of the show, is about 10 shades darker than the solution we spray on the athletes the night before. This solution dries almost instantly and only takes 15-30 minutes to fully develop. Therefore, most athletes only need one coat of tan the day of the show, before pre judging. However, due to different skin types, some athletes may require two.

Yes, early registration closes the Wednesday before a show online.

However, you can come as a walk up or late registration the night before or day of the show. Tanning for walk-ups and late registrations are $200, cash only and on a first come, first serve basis.

Before your tanning artist begins the spray tan process, you may request the following:

  • Hair shower cap
  • Baby wipe(s)

There are many different things you can do to prepare and exfoliate your skin to ensure a perfect tan. We suggest the following:

  • Start exfoliating your skin at least one week before your ICE Spray tan.
  • Shave/wax your entire body at least 24 hours before your tan. The less hair you have on your body, the better you tan will come out because the tan will stick to your SKIN and not the hair on your skin.
  • With the exception of the day of your tan, use quality lotion/oil on your skin morning and night. Cocoa butter and baby oil work best.
  • Using the tanning bed can help your skin with a base tan and help the application of your spray tan. Stop using the tanning bed 2-3 days before your spray tan.
  • Do not use salon style tanning products at least one week prior to your ICE spray tan.

Appointments times are sent via EMAIL to the email in your order form.

The appointment email is sent 3-4 days before your show. (Monday or Tuesday of the week of your show)

After your ICE spray tan, be sure to have on clean, dry loose fitting clothing. Ideally long pants and long sleeve shirt. Do not apply deodorant, lotions, perfumes, or cologne.

IF you DO mess something up, do NOT try to fix it. See one of our artists to fix it for you.