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February 10, 2018
IFBB Amateur Olympia / Sheru Classic Model Search
Punjab, India


March 17th
NPC Atlantic USA: Duluth, GA

March 31th
NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships: Teaneck, NJ


April 7st
NPC John Kemper Classic: Woodbridge, NJ

April 14th
NPC NY Capitol Championships: Albany, NY

April 21st
NPC Vermont Championship: Burlington, VT

April 28th
NPC Jay Cutler Classic: Boston, MA


May 12th
NPC Southern USA: Orlando, FL

May 12th
Eastern Seaboards: Atlanta GA

May 19th
IFBB New York Pro: White Plains, NY

May 26th
NPC Long Island Championships: Hauppaugue, NY


June 2nd
NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States: Teaneck, NJ

June 9th
NPC South Jersey Championships: Medford, NJ

June 23th
NPC Garden State Championships: Wayne, NJ

June 29th – 30th
NPC Universe: Teaneck, NJ


July 7th
NPC Northeast Summer Classic: White Plains, NY
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July 20 – 21st
Sheru Classic: Mumbai, India
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August 4
NPC Patriot Cup: West Springfield, MA
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August 11
NPC Northeast Showdown: Rochester, NY
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August 18
NPC Costal USA: Duluth, GA
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August 25
NPC Victor Martinez Legends Championships: Bronx, NY
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September 29
NPC Brooklyn Gran Prix: Brooklyn, NY
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October 6th
NPC Greater New York Championships: Syracuse, NY
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October 13th
Sheru Classic: Mumbai, India
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October 13th
NPC Powerhouse Championships: Medford, NJ
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October 13th
The Georgia Peach State Championship: Valdosta, Georgia
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October 13th
IFBB/NPC Dominican Republic Coat of Arms : Dominican Republic
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October 20th
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October 27th
NPC New York State Grand Prix: Poughkeepsie, NY
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November 3th
NPC New England Championships: Boston, MA
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November 10th
NPC Eastern USA Championships: Teaneck, NJ
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